Working Papers

El Niño and Mexican Children: Medium-Term Effects of Early-Life Weather Shocks on Cognitive and Health Outcomes (with Marta Vicarelli)
Paper (revised August 2015) – Abstract

Climate Induced Impacts on Early Life and Consequences on Human Capital Development (with Marta Vicarelli)
Available soon – Abstract

Educational Self-Selection Among U.S. Immigrants and Returning Migrants.
Paper (revised February 2013) – Abstract

The Medium-Term Impact of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Child Physical and Cognitive Development: Evidence from Progresa.
Paper (revised October 2012) – Abstract

Work in Progress

Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: Ad-hoc Information and Incentives for Service Delivery – Project Summary

Matching Children with Level-Appropriate Books and Engaging Families (with Maria Elena Ortega) – Project Summary

Sorting on Observables and Conflict: How Does Gender Segregation in Mexico City’s Subway System Affect Violence? (with Emilio Gutierrez) – Abstract

Taxing Calories: Does it Help Reduce Obesity? (with Emilio Gutierrez and Enrique Seira) – Available soon

Segregation in Agriculture: How Important is it Explaining Gender Productivity Differences? (with Niklas Buehren and Markus Goldstein) – Abstract

Relative Age Effects on Obesity: a Regression Discontinuity Approach Using Exact Birth Dates (with Isac Olave) – Abstract

Census versus Self-Selection: Efficiency in Targeting the Poor for Social Programs

Published work

Decomposition of gender differentials in agricultural productivity in Ethiopia (with Eliana Carranza, Markus Goldstein, Talip Kilic and Gbemisola Oseni), Agricultural Economics 46(3): pp. 311-334, May 2015

“Coping with La Crisis” (with Georgia Hartman, David Keyes, Lisa Markman, and Max Matus) in Mexican Migration and the U.S. Economic Crisis. A Transational Perspective, Wayne Cornelius, David Fitzgerald, Pedro Lewin Fischer, and Leah Muse Orlinoff (eds.), Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UCSD, San Diego 2009.

Desigualdad de la Educación y de los Ingresos Laborales en México: la Importancia de la Calidad Educativa (with Maria E. Ortega Hesles), La Gaceta de Economía, Autumn 2007, 13(23): 11-50.